With the invasion in full force in Europe, and our feckless leaders in the United States welcoming the “civilization jihad’s” to America’s shores with open arms and an open wallet, it is past time for the citizens of these countries to prepare themselves. WAR IS COMING. The attacks on innocent civilians in Paris two nights ago was just the opening shot, as the leader of ISIS stated in his video taking responsibility.

We have been lulled into a sense of security and self satisfaction at helping people who were in need, and were lied to by our leaders. We have been told that the “refugees” only sought a safer and better life, away from the threat and fighting in Syria, even as it was being pointed out that most of the refugee army that was invading were military aged men, with very few, if any in some groups, women, children or elderly. I pointed this out 2 months ago in my “MUSLIM INVASION” article. Now it seems some are awakening and starting to protest, but that their voices are too little and too late, falling on the deaf ears of the world leaders (sic) that have not only allowed this to happen but facilitated it.

Have you asked yourselves this question: Why does Mrs Merckel of Germany say that you need to welcome more into your country, when your children and your women are being assaulted by them on a daily basis? Why does the Swedish Government put the needs of these invaders above the safety of the women and children in what is now the “Rape Capital Of The World”? Why does the Parliament in Great Britain allow, at latest report, 450 radicalized Britons that went to Syria to join ISIS back into the country? Why does the American President insist on bringing these “refugees” into the US at an increasing rate, even after it was proven on Friday that ISIS soldiers are mixed in with them and his own FBI says they can not be sure who is coming? Why do the Senators running for office in the next election not do something to stop it? Why does the right’s champion of champions, Trey Gowdy, allow a bill that is aimed at getting control of this situation before it spirals out of control to languish in his Committee without bringing it to a vote and stopping the invasion?

Three words are the answer: NEW WORLD ORDER!!!

Now don’t go off half cocked without looking at what is going on. What would it take to place the world under one governing body? It would take the need for Security above all else as well as the willingness of the people, or at least their Governments to supplant National Sovereignty with INTERNATIONAL SOVERIEGNTY. This has been the aim of many, mainly the leftists in this world since, well in some aspects since the history began, and it is now in the end stages. It has been stopped and put off in the past by brave men and women willing to fight and die to keep the world free. This includes the free peoples of Europe and the United States, and a few countries in Asia. It includes the Christians as well as Jews, Hindus as well as Sheikhs, Buddhists as well as the followers of Confucius.  At one time or another it involved the efforts of all free peoples and all religions…..except one. There is only one religion that preaches world dominance and one world religion, at the point of the sword, in which everyone conforms, pays to be left alone, or dies. ISLAM.

Only when they have a hold on power over the countries that have stopped the NWO in the past, Europe, North America and, to some extent, Asia can they hope to install a one world government. Only one people in the world today would work to facilitate that, to allow the submission of it’s people and it’s sovereignty on the alter of a World Wide Government. The same people that are now calling for a One World Caliphate, under the guidance and benevolence of ISLAM. no don’t get me wrong, not all Muslims subscribe to this philosophy, at least in the open, but it must be pointed out that not many are open to denying this either.

IF they, the leaders that are facilitating this, can get enough people into place to change the demographics of a country then they can use our own openness and our elections to change us from a majority Christian or even Secular society and form of government to a Muslim Country, installing Sharia in every country and ushering in the New World Order.

The useful idiots on the left think it will be a Utopia, no more wars, no more strife, no more hunger. They have blinders on to the fact that most of the wars in today’s world are wars started by ISALM, and are actually wars between different sects of ISLAM. Most of the countries in the world today that are starving and unable to care for their own citizens are Islamic based societies. The world’s worst violators of Human rights are mainly Muslim based societies that deny women basic human rights. It is fact that in even the so called “moderate” Muslim countries a woman who reports a rape must have 4 Muslim men that are willing to testify on her behalf, or face the possibility that the rapist go free and SHE be convicted of having sex out of wedlock (Adultery), a charge that could lead to her death! This is the very essence of the New World Order, or One World Government, suppression of the people’s rights in favor of the World’s.

If enough hell can be raised, against an unarmed populace, or one that has been groomed to accept what they think is “inevitable” then the cry will go out for someone to  step in and stop it. Hence the creation of the United Nations new police force. Hence the call by the UN to disarm all populations and the implementation of Agenda 21 and the Global Climate Change Court. The calls for the regulations and will of the UN to supplant National Sovereignty are coming more frequently and are louder than at any time in our history. We even had the “General Secretary”  of the United Nations stand up and say that the UN was the “World’s Governing Body”.

Before it is too late, if it is not already so, research the birth and history of ISLAM. Look at what it teaches, and look at what it does to the lands and people’s it already has control over. Prepare yourself for your choice, because it is time to make it. Do you, as the word ISLAM means, submit? Do you pray that you will be left alone if you pay them enough of a tax? Do you fight for your rights and your family with everything you have? Those are the only choices we are being left with. For myself, I will not submit and I will not pay. If and when it comes down to it I will fight, as I hope most still free people’s will.

I will fight with everything I have, in everyway I can, within the legal means available, until those are proven to be a waste of time, then I will fight with everything I have and everything I know to keep my family, my friends and my country free and safe.

It is not too late, yet. I do not believe to reverse the damage being done. We must rise up in one voice and demand that the invasion be not only stopped, but reversed. We must rise up in one voice and demand that the rule of law be reestablished and that the rightful people have not only a voice but control of our Governments again. That the will of the free people be honored.

We must also remember the lessons of wars past, because we will need them in the coming battle. You do not enter into a War without the willingness to do what is needed to win. You do not try to stomp out the aggressors without the willingness to take their supporters out with them. You must assume that in areas controlled by ISIS, after the mass migration from those areas, the people left are supporting them and you must stop the PC BS of not causing “collateral damage” and destroy everything in the area that can support or hide them. All out WAR is the only thing that will stop them now, they have been allowed to grow, train and arm.

People’s of Europe, know that we, the People if the United States, stand ready to stand shoulder to shoulder with you once again in stopping this, but you must be willing to take it on yourselves as we now have the same type of leadership in this country that you do in yours. People of the United States, you know what must be done if we can not convince our leaders in Congress to stop it before it gets to the point of no return.

All people’s you must pray and support the effort of those that are attempting to stop this massacre of the human spirit and the human race.

It is time to raise the cry “We will not go quietly into the night, we will not be lead into oblivion willingly, we will not give up the freedoms our ancestors died to pass down to us. We will fight and we will win”.



AS many of you know I went to Washington last week to discuss some disturbing changes that are being forced upon us by TRI-CARE, DOD’s medical program for Active Duty and Retired Military members and their families. My appointment was with Senator Thom Tillis (R-NC), a man I helped to get elected so as to get rid of another anti-veteran senator, Kay Hagan. I was told that Senator Tillis would “stop by for a few minutes” during the meeting but that I would be talking to a member of his Veterans Affairs team, Bill Bode. Ok, at least I am getting to see someone and will be able to at least look Tillis in the eye and tell him a bit of the problem. This was not to happen as Senator Tillis did not show up, and we know why now that the CR has been passed.

The meeting started and I introduced myself and gave a bit of my history…22 year US Army, Retired, life long GOP member…yada yada yada. Then got down to the subject. Outlined the problem for him and even had flow charts showing the way HE gets his prescriptions filled, and the way in which WE used to, taking maybe a few hours from seeing the Doctor to getting our meds. Then outlined the way in which WE must do it now, especially if you can not take the generics that the Federal Government is forcing upon us. The very process that I am now stuck at, and some of you may be as well. Getting the forms that DOD says we have to have filled in by the Doctor so I can mail them in to get permission from some clerk at DOD to take. Instead of a few hours I am now at, and showed Mr Bode, 23 days AFTER downloading the forms. I stressed that we must now, after getting a new Rx from our Doctor, fined out if it is an allowed medicine and, if not, download the forms and return to our doctor’s office to get them filled in and await for them to be completed. His reply, “Well they’ve always required pre-authorization” to which I replied that I had been taking some of these for over 4 years and had no problem to now. No reply from Mr. Bode on that.

Then I pointed out the newly minted decision by Tri-Care to charge us FULL price if we get named brand medicines filled at a local pharmacy, something we could do with a copay up till now. I added up the full price costs of my diabetes medicines and showed him the actual costs from the pharmacy, as quoted by Tricare, to be over $7,000.00 for a 1 month supply. This all  being done without warning from Tricare. I told him about how an E5 at the local military base changed my prescription and, even though was informed I can not tolerate the Metformin (generic) told me I either took it or nothing. Showed ample evidence (I had the modified prescription order) to that fact and was basically blown off on it.

When he mentioned that the “administration wanted these changes” I showed him the article from Military.com in which Senator Graham is quoted as saying “we need these copay increases to ensure DOD’s Pharmacy program remain viable”, and that Grahams committee passed these in the Defense bill. That is when I found out that Tillis is also on that committee and voted FOR these changes as well, something my research missed. That is when it went to an adversarial meeting as I looked him in the eye and asked if “my government is trying to kill me?” and actually asked “are you trying to kill me?” We are on some medications that, if stopped or changed without the supervision of a doctor, the result could be death.

Went on to question the other changes listed in DOD’s budget fir Tricare in 2016. Higher copays across the board for Retirees to include a Copay for treatment received in a Military Treatment Facility. His only reply to that was that “Those were in the Defense Bill that Obama vetoed.” The only time since he took office I actually agree with Obama, and I told Mr Bode that, word for word. As the meeting ended he promised to have the Greenville NC office man get in touch with me on Monday (today), which is why I waited to write anything, giving that last measure of Hope, that last chance. Well, it is now 6:00 pm on Monday. I have kept my phone glued to me all day and even skipped a few calls I should have made to make sure I could receive the call from Greenville. Did I? NOPE!!!!

Did anything good come out of me taking my time to go to see Senator Tillis on these issues? Well, I did give them some information they didn’t have (he kept copies), but other than that, no. I have to report that mission failure. I did learn that Thom Tillis was in on the betrayal of every retired Veteran out there, including me. As I was there seeking information and assistance Thom Tillis was in the process, along with Lindsey Graham, putting together votes to pass, under the guise of a Trade Bill, the 2 year Continuing Resolution that gives Obama and DOD the green light to bring about the changes listed within the DOD budget plans for 2016.

My fellow retirees, we have been sold out by both the Administration AND the people we helped elect to stop them. As with every time this country has gotten into trouble financially they have decided to make the 3% of us that put on the uniform and took up arms in her service and defense pay for it. My only “feel good moment” was when I asked Mr. Bode how could they take money from us, saying it was “needed savings” but turn right around and give it to the people we were, and are, asked to fight? The so called “refugees” they are now flooding our shores with!!!

What can we do? Other than raise hell with them everyday, by writing and calling, or going to their town hall meetings and getting the word out, or writing an article and hoping it pisses enough people off to get them to do the same? Unfortunately this experience has taught me the answer to that question is NOTHING, NADA, NOT A DAMNED THING, in the short term. In the long term, I urge everyone of you, your families and your friends to hold them accountable when they ask for your support again. Every person who voted for these changes took a shot at your and your families without thinking about what the consequences to you and yours would be. Everyone of them needs to be voted out of office as soon as possible. THAT is the only thing they, and those like them, will understand.

I am sorry, I thought I could make a difference. I failed ~MadVeteran


UPDATE: Those that know me know I am a Retired Veteran of 22 years service to this country. Due to changes to my Prescription Insurance, which I do pay a premium for, which were brought about by the PPACA (Obama Care) certain medications I need are no longer available to me. My system is one where the generic form the medicines do not work properly. I am diabetic and the only oral form of the medication to control it has been Glumetza, Tri-care took it off their list of “approved medicines” and due to that in order for me to stay on it I must pay full price (last check was in the order of 1,000’s of dollars per month). They gave me the option of buying it from them “mail order” at 1/3rd the normal price (still 1,000’s) or go to military pharmacy. I went to the pharmacy and a SGT (E5) changed my prescription to the GENERIC as they do not carry the name brand. The Lyrica I take for fibromyalgia is also not available on post and is 100% payable by me if I purchase off post. My Blood pressure medicine is a “formulary” which is no longer allowed under Tri-care and therefore NOT carried by the Base Pharmacy and carries a 100% Copay is purchased off base. People say that there were no “death panels” in ObamaCare? I am seeing one in action to where the American Government and the People they represent have told me, and 100’s of Thousands of other Veterans, basically, to go away and die because you no longer matter. Without treatment Veterans are dying everyday, but not enough of us for Obama, so now take the medicines away from others who faithfully served and let them die as well. What was it Scrooge said “Let them die and decrease the surplus population”? Bahhhhh fucking humbug!!!!!


Ok group. Just found out that MAJOR changes and price increases for the Military and Retired Military Pharmacy Insurance program are coming at us like a freight train. Did I find out with a required written notification in mail from the Government Contracted Insurance Provider I pay my fees to? NOPE, Nya-ya, No freaking way. Instead, thanks to my subscription to Military News Report I just happened to notice the story and now have my warning.

On October 1st, there are MAJOR Medicines that TRI-CARE will no longer cover if you get them from a Civilian Pharmacy. Some of these are not just life enhancing BUT life critical drugs. If you get them from your local pharmacy after September 30th, you will have to foot the entire bill yourself.

They do offer you a chance to get it through their “mail order program” and have it covered, but everyone knows…

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The MUSLIM Invasion


It’s actually been going on for some time. They studied and learned lessons well under the old Soviet doctrines. It was Nakita Kruschev that said “We will dominate the United States and take it down without firing a single shot.” He laid the ground work and the current batch of Liberals was born. That is what is going on now with the MUSLIMS being brought into our country, in addition to the illegals crossing the southern border.

In a previous article I outlined what was going on along that southern border. When you get enough people in a country to tip the balance and change the demographics of that country, and they are openly aided by idiotic, IF well meaning, leaders and citizens, you cease to have a country. That change can be either ethnic, philosophical or religious.

Under the guise of a well meaning program, the Refugee programs this country has…

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