Update: Why I can not support “Cruz”

Back in September I posted an article about why I could not support “Ted” Cruz, for which I was blasted somewhat by his supporters. I took the line then that Donald Trump echoed in the last debate “To stop the birther question from injuring him, why not get a ruling on the subject himself?” Well here we are 4 months later and the question has now hit main stage with not one BUT 4 challenges to him on this issue being filed in court. Happening a little faster than anyone thought because it seemed that the left would wait until he secured either the GOP Nomination or was included on the ticket as a VP Candidate.

Here is why this issue is so important, and MUST be resolved. We, the very people that claim to support and defend the Constitution, can not let someone who is not Constitutionally qualified get our nomination as the left did in 2008. We are better than that and we require that the Constitution be followed, in it’s entirety. With that said let me lay out what I have found on the so called “birther” issue.

That Rafael (his legal name) “Ted” Cruz was born in Canada is not in dispute here, he even released his Birth Certificate to prove it. This is enough for some people to show he does not meet the definition of NATURAL BORN CITIZEN, but let’s go on with what else there is.

According to the released BC he was born, in Calgary Canada, in 1970. Also, according to everything I have found, and that he himself has admitted, he was awarded Canadian Citizenship upon birth, and carried this citizenship until he decided to run for President, only then relinquishing it, saying he “did not realize he held dual citizenship”.

Question #1; How can someone go through life, someone as smart and savvy as Cruz supporters say he is, WITHOUT KNOWING WHAT COUNTRY HE OWED ALLIGENCE, BY BIRTH, TO? Yet, let’s give him the benefit of the doubt on this one and say he didn’t know, instead let us look at the LAW.

The Canadian Government did not start giving out Citizenship to all persons born on Canadian soil UNTIL 1977. (source See Introduction to Canadian Citizenship Act 1977 ). Before that time the decision to become a citizen, or the decision by a parent for a child born in Canada to become a citizen, had to be made and allegiance (citizenship) to a foreign government had to be given up. Cut and dry, codified in the law a the time of his birth!

Question #2: How did Cruz become a citizen of Canada at birth WITHOUT the decision being made by his parents to give up his right to US Citizenship? As it is reported that the Cruz’s relocated to Houston in 1974 ( 3 years BEFORE the current Canadian Citizenship Act came into being) How did he become a Canadian Citizen? Was this an oversight by his parents or a deliberate act designed to give their son Canadian Citizenship over US Citizenship AT BIRTH? Was it was a deliberate act, as both parents, at the time, were living in, working in and possibly voting in Canada. (Opps, just pissed off a bunch of people here). A question that MUST be answered.

Let us look at another possible “oversight” on part of the parents of Rafael “Ted” Cruz.

In doing so let’s go to the Laws of the United States. Not the interpretation of NATURAL BORN CITIZEN, but laws regarding claiming US Citizenship for children born overseas to US parent(s). That’s right, in accordance with US LAW, the right to citizenship for these children MUST BE CLAIMED, it is not automatically awarded. A child born abroad to a U.S. citizen parent or parents may acquire U.S. citizenship at birth if certain statutory requirements are met. (Click the link and be taken to the US State Department site for the source.) Yes, you read that right, they are NOT automatically award citizenship AT BIRTH but MAY AQUIRE it if the law is followed. What does this mean? Ummmm it means that unless the parents file the proper forms at the US Consular or US Embassy before the child’s 18 birthday, or the child does AFTER it’s 18th birthday, that child IS NOT a US Citizen. Now remember, Cruz was born in Canada in 1970, during a time you had to give up foreign citizenship to become a Canadian Citizen, AND no record exists of his parents filling out the required forms, under US LAW, to claim US Citizenship for their child.

Question number 3: Over sight or deliberate? Does a record exist of this action, required by US Law to claim citizenship, exist for Cruz? If so, why not release it as quickly as he did his Canadian Birth Certificate? This question has even further reaching effects, more so than his qualification to become POTUS, but goes to his qualification to even hold the office he currently holds. If, under the laws in effect at the time of his birth, and now, the child of a US citizen born abroad has to CLAIM US citizenship, and it was never claimed, then IS TED CRUZ A CITIZEN of the United States at all, something he must be to hold Senatorial Office.

Yes, I know he is a “good man” and I have heard he is a “good Christian” but many good men and good Christians are all over this planet, it does not mean they have the right to run for President of the United States. If his record exists that he, or his family, followed the law and claimed his US Citizenship, then by all means RELEASE IT. As trump stated, release the records, get a declarative judgement on your qualifications and put this to rest. If not then do not expect us, the American People, to follow blindly, like the left did in 08 and 12, and take you at your word. We want the Constitution to mean something again and, unlike your undeclared loans to become Senator, we can not let you just shrug it off and go on.

Mr. Cruz, IF you love this Country, and the US Constitution as much as you say you do, either produce the documents showing you are eligible or bow out of the race.




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