ca·pit·u·late [kəˈpiCHəˌlāt] VERB
  1. cease to resist an opponent or an unwelcome demand; surrender:

    “the patriots had to capitulate to the enemy forces”

    synonyms: surrender · give in/up · yield · concede defeat ·

Seems that some, not mentioning any names GLENN BECK, need a reminder that failing to show up and vote is what got us 8 years of Barrack Obama, is what led to Hillary Clinton and John Kerry being put in positions to represent us to the rest of the world, gave us ObamaCare….well you get the picture.
On a recent (last night) interview with Megan Kelley on FOX, Blaze owner Glenn Beck said that if his choice on election day is between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton he would “Not go to the polls, stay home”. Really Glenn? So if your man, Rafael Cruz, is not the nominee you will CAPITULATE to Hillary (or declared communist Bernie Sanders) and the far left by NOT VOTING? Will you also advise your followers to stay home Glenn? Let’s see how that worked out in the past 2 elections.
In 2008 Barrack Hussein Obama (AKA Barry Soetero) was elected with less than 1/3rd of the eligible voters in this country voting for him, and that is including the people we KNOW voted for him numerous times as well as the dead that were resurrected for a short time to cast a ballot. Over 38% of eligible voters stayed home that year and did not vote. Seems the plan to “take my toys and go home” worked great, IF you were a liberal.
In 2012 the numbers were even worse. Obama won a “landslide” reelection (so the talking heads said) with a whopping 27% of the eligible voters (again including the multiple and dead voters) casting their ballot for him. In that “landslide” 46% of eligible voters CAPITULATED and stayed home, not bothering to vote. How did that work out? Read the headlines today and you will know.
In 2016 no less than the continued survival of this country is at stake. What Obama has not been able to accomplish will be continued by Hillary Clinton and accelerated under a Bernie Sanders administration. They have both freely admitted it. Our sovereignty will be relegated to the United Nations, and those, yes I will say it, MUSLIM countries that have been bankrolling Hillary since she was first confirmed as Secretary of State. No I do not mean from a business standpoint, as I am sure some will try and say Trump’s business dealings with Muslim countries point to them bankrolling him, but I am talking about the Donations for Favorable Consideration that has come out concerning Hillary and the CLINTON FOUNDATION.
So, a once proud and conservative warrior, Glenn Beck, thinks it’s better to stay home on election day instead of voting to make sure neither Hillary nor Sanders get’s elected? He thinks it is better to vote for “The Man From Canada” who misses most of his votes and committee hearings on National Security as well as Military and Veterans issues or stay home and let the person who stated that “Veterans are happy with their health care”, and “Muslims have nothing to do with terrorism” win by default? He must also, by default, truly believe that it was the right thing to do to stay home in 2008 and 2012 and let an un-vetted unknown get voted in?
As it stands now, Glenn, you have lost at lest one reader and listener to your radio show, and I hope after reading this and thinking about it, many, many more.
To all of those out there that are of like mind to Glenn, think long and hard about the last 7 years and ask yourself this question: Is me staying home and not voting for the GOP nominee, whoever THE PEOPLE choose as such, worth my children growing up in a worse situation than we find ourselves today? ~MadVeteran

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