The Governors of the states that have said they do not want refugees settled in their states DO have the power to stop it. Not by requesting that it not be done, or depending on the good will of the Obama Administration though. We already know how that turns out.

Each refugee is, once arrived in the United States, turned over to an entity called a NGO (Non Governmental Organization) which is there to do the governments bidding, at a price. You see them listed as Non-Profits and Religious Organizations. These organizations get big money for processing, housing, tutoring and finding jobs for the people in the program, for 90 days. During that time they also guide the people through the application process to obtain State benefits (welfare). THIS IS THE WAY THE PROGRAM CAN BE STOPPED.

Each organization  is a business, and as such must be licensed to do business within the state, through the Secretary of State of each state they conduct business in. They are contractors for the refugee program and earn money, BIG MONEY, from their cooperation in the program. The Governor and the State Legislature sets and enforces the laws regarding doing business within the state’s boundaries. Each state, I believe, has laws on he books already which prevents businesses from doing business in such a way as to bring potential harm to the state’s citizens. With me so far?

That is the answer. Once the Governor has decided that to bring these people into the state is a matter of the safety and security of the citizens of that state, each business that is involved in it is in direct violation of the laws of that state IF they bring another refugee in. As such, the Secretary of State, under the authority of the Governor, can suspend or revoke the NGO’s business license and shut down their operations within the state.

I would like to suggest each Governor out there to investigate this option, and use it to shut down the contractors. Without the contractors the Feds can bring in whoever they want but they do not have the support mechanism in place to care for nor to spread them around the country.



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