Liberal Attorney now to be lead lawyer for Dept of the Army. This link will take you to the source of my information here. The US Senate had a vote today on the confirmation of Alissa M. Starzak, of New York, to be General Counsel of the Department of the Army. This means she is now the lead in charge of how the case against the traitor Bergdahl will be prosecuted. Why do a smell a skunk here?

It was just announced that the Commanding General of Forces Command has decided that Bergdahl will face a General Court Martial for deserting his post in Afghanistan and rightfully faces charges that could land his candy ass in Federal Prison for life. Enter Ms. Starzak, who’s confirmation has been held up for over a year….interesting timing.

Then enter the deal…..Once the filibuster is dropped against her nomination you have 5 members of the GOP vote FOR her confirmation. Bad enough but at least we can identify them and KNOW where they stand. We also had 21 Senators that did not even bother to vote on her confirmation….TWENTY-ONE……and you have to ask WHY? You have to ask if a deal was done with these people to get her confirmed, and possibly save the  reputation of the Administration on this case?

Of the 5 that voted for her confirmation, 2 (Isakson and Thune) are up for reelection in the 2016 cycle. Of the 21 that did not bother to vote, THIRTEEN of them are GOP members. Of those 3 are Campaigning for President and one of those is also running for reelection to the Senate. That’s right, neither Cruz, Rubio nor Paul bothered to vote…..AGAIN!! of the other 9 GOP members who did not vote the following are running for reelection in 2016; John McCain, (interestingly enough his compadre from Arizona (Flake) did not vote either), Mark Kirk, Jerry Moran, and Ron Johnson are up for reelection. So 9 of them are up for an election of some type. Mmmmmm Interesting…..

As I have said in several past articles, I can only think of 2 reasons you can not vote, other than being gone (though this was a critical vote), on either legislation or confirmation. 1) You do not want your constituents to know how you actually feel on the matter or 2) You made a deal to not block it by voting NO so that you can get support for something later. Which is the case here? I am not sure, though I have my suspicions, but YOU will have to make the call.

Remember, as the Counsel General of the Army, this newly confirmed Liberal will decide not only how to prosecute the case, but who will be the Prosecutor and who will be the assigned Defense Counsel. ~MadVeteran


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