With the invasion in full force in Europe, and our feckless leaders in the United States welcoming the “civilization jihad’s” to America’s shores with open arms and an open wallet, it is past time for the citizens of these countries to prepare themselves. WAR IS COMING. The attacks on innocent civilians in Paris two nights ago was just the opening shot, as the leader of ISIS stated in his video taking responsibility.

We have been lulled into a sense of security and self satisfaction at helping people who were in need, and were lied to by our leaders. We have been told that the “refugees” only sought a safer and better life, away from the threat and fighting in Syria, even as it was being pointed out that most of the refugee army that was invading were military aged men, with very few, if any in some groups, women, children or elderly. I pointed this out 2 months ago in my “MUSLIM INVASION” article. Now it seems some are awakening and starting to protest, but that their voices are too little and too late, falling on the deaf ears of the world leaders (sic) that have not only allowed this to happen but facilitated it.

Have you asked yourselves this question: Why does Mrs Merckel of Germany say that you need to welcome more into your country, when your children and your women are being assaulted by them on a daily basis? Why does the Swedish Government put the needs of these invaders above the safety of the women and children in what is now the “Rape Capital Of The World”? Why does the Parliament in Great Britain allow, at latest report, 450 radicalized Britons that went to Syria to join ISIS back into the country? Why does the American President insist on bringing these “refugees” into the US at an increasing rate, even after it was proven on Friday that ISIS soldiers are mixed in with them and his own FBI says they can not be sure who is coming? Why do the Senators running for office in the next election not do something to stop it? Why does the right’s champion of champions, Trey Gowdy, allow a bill that is aimed at getting control of this situation before it spirals out of control to languish in his Committee without bringing it to a vote and stopping the invasion?

Three words are the answer: NEW WORLD ORDER!!!

Now don’t go off half cocked without looking at what is going on. What would it take to place the world under one governing body? It would take the need for Security above all else as well as the willingness of the people, or at least their Governments to supplant National Sovereignty with INTERNATIONAL SOVERIEGNTY. This has been the aim of many, mainly the leftists in this world since, well in some aspects since the history began, and it is now in the end stages. It has been stopped and put off in the past by brave men and women willing to fight and die to keep the world free. This includes the free peoples of Europe and the United States, and a few countries in Asia. It includes the Christians as well as Jews, Hindus as well as Sheikhs, Buddhists as well as the followers of Confucius.  At one time or another it involved the efforts of all free peoples and all religions…..except one. There is only one religion that preaches world dominance and one world religion, at the point of the sword, in which everyone conforms, pays to be left alone, or dies. ISLAM.

Only when they have a hold on power over the countries that have stopped the NWO in the past, Europe, North America and, to some extent, Asia can they hope to install a one world government. Only one people in the world today would work to facilitate that, to allow the submission of it’s people and it’s sovereignty on the alter of a World Wide Government. The same people that are now calling for a One World Caliphate, under the guidance and benevolence of ISLAM. no don’t get me wrong, not all Muslims subscribe to this philosophy, at least in the open, but it must be pointed out that not many are open to denying this either.

IF they, the leaders that are facilitating this, can get enough people into place to change the demographics of a country then they can use our own openness and our elections to change us from a majority Christian or even Secular society and form of government to a Muslim Country, installing Sharia in every country and ushering in the New World Order.

The useful idiots on the left think it will be a Utopia, no more wars, no more strife, no more hunger. They have blinders on to the fact that most of the wars in today’s world are wars started by ISALM, and are actually wars between different sects of ISLAM. Most of the countries in the world today that are starving and unable to care for their own citizens are Islamic based societies. The world’s worst violators of Human rights are mainly Muslim based societies that deny women basic human rights. It is fact that in even the so called “moderate” Muslim countries a woman who reports a rape must have 4 Muslim men that are willing to testify on her behalf, or face the possibility that the rapist go free and SHE be convicted of having sex out of wedlock (Adultery), a charge that could lead to her death! This is the very essence of the New World Order, or One World Government, suppression of the people’s rights in favor of the World’s.

If enough hell can be raised, against an unarmed populace, or one that has been groomed to accept what they think is “inevitable” then the cry will go out for someone to  step in and stop it. Hence the creation of the United Nations new police force. Hence the call by the UN to disarm all populations and the implementation of Agenda 21 and the Global Climate Change Court. The calls for the regulations and will of the UN to supplant National Sovereignty are coming more frequently and are louder than at any time in our history. We even had the “General Secretary”  of the United Nations stand up and say that the UN was the “World’s Governing Body”.

Before it is too late, if it is not already so, research the birth and history of ISLAM. Look at what it teaches, and look at what it does to the lands and people’s it already has control over. Prepare yourself for your choice, because it is time to make it. Do you, as the word ISLAM means, submit? Do you pray that you will be left alone if you pay them enough of a tax? Do you fight for your rights and your family with everything you have? Those are the only choices we are being left with. For myself, I will not submit and I will not pay. If and when it comes down to it I will fight, as I hope most still free people’s will.

I will fight with everything I have, in everyway I can, within the legal means available, until those are proven to be a waste of time, then I will fight with everything I have and everything I know to keep my family, my friends and my country free and safe.

It is not too late, yet. I do not believe to reverse the damage being done. We must rise up in one voice and demand that the invasion be not only stopped, but reversed. We must rise up in one voice and demand that the rule of law be reestablished and that the rightful people have not only a voice but control of our Governments again. That the will of the free people be honored.

We must also remember the lessons of wars past, because we will need them in the coming battle. You do not enter into a War without the willingness to do what is needed to win. You do not try to stomp out the aggressors without the willingness to take their supporters out with them. You must assume that in areas controlled by ISIS, after the mass migration from those areas, the people left are supporting them and you must stop the PC BS of not causing “collateral damage” and destroy everything in the area that can support or hide them. All out WAR is the only thing that will stop them now, they have been allowed to grow, train and arm.

People’s of Europe, know that we, the People if the United States, stand ready to stand shoulder to shoulder with you once again in stopping this, but you must be willing to take it on yourselves as we now have the same type of leadership in this country that you do in yours. People of the United States, you know what must be done if we can not convince our leaders in Congress to stop it before it gets to the point of no return.

All people’s you must pray and support the effort of those that are attempting to stop this massacre of the human spirit and the human race.

It is time to raise the cry “We will not go quietly into the night, we will not be lead into oblivion willingly, we will not give up the freedoms our ancestors died to pass down to us. We will fight and we will win”.


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