I personally have been burning up the Congressional Switchboard on one folks, and hope you have as well. Contact each and every member of your Congressional Delegation, no matter what party they are. Do it daily and through Phone, Email, FB pages, Twitter Accounts, any way you can. Be polite as possible and let them know, without a doubt, you and your friends will hold THEM responsible for the next attack one of these so called “Refugees” make.

In case Congress won’t listen, I also urge you to contact your State Legislature AND your Governor. They have the power to tell the Federal Government NO when it comes to placing these people in communities. Also, if you have one of those Liberal Mayors, that have actually asked for more refugees, Chapel Hill North Carolina comes immediately to mind from the list I saw, contact them and start a recall petition against them. Attend your City Council meetings, Your County Commissioners meetings, anyway short of something Illegal to get your voices heard.

Look, I know everyone is busy with daily life and trying to make ends meet in the farce of an economy we have now but, people, this is important. It is about saving this Country, it is about saving your cities and towns and more important it is about saving your Children from the likes of the people you have seen so much about lately.


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