Stories like this one are slowly filtering out of Europe regarding not only the inaction of reporting on them by the media but also the liberal biases putting local populations at risk. Local citizens are being forced into protective postures to make sure their young daughters are not set upon by these animals their governments have let in.

Not only is it happening in Germany due to recent influxes of these “poor and destitute” refugees being settled there, but also in the United Kingdom. Muslim Child Rape Gangs have been active in England for TWO YEARS.

The linked stories detail just such cases in the UK and Germany. I would also like to point out a very important FACT here, one that ties again into the recent actions of The Right-Dishonorable Barrack Hussein Obama.

Gun legislation in Germany and the United Kingdom are considered among the strictest gun control laws in the world!!.

Be warned people, THESE ARE THE VERY SAME TYPE OF PEOPLE TRDH MR O HAS SLATED TO COME TO YOUR NEIGHBORHOODS!!! The very people liberal Mayors and City Councils, like the one right here Chapel Hill in North Carolina are reported to be requesting the Federal Government send them. Un-vetted, unknown people that do not match our moral values and do not believe in our Constitution.

The very people that radicalized the Boston Bombers and the Umpqua College shooter. Now TRDH Mr. O(bama), Hillary Clinton, and the rest of the leftist elite (that happen to be protected by men with guns) are clamoring for more gun control here in the U.S. They want to disarm YOU, to take away your Constitutional RIGHT to self defense!!

Reports are out that TRDH Mr. O is planning more of his “Royal Decrees” aimed at doing just that, AND that Hillary Clinton has proudly declared her intent of doing the same “once I am elected”!! It matters not to them that he Constitution gives you the right to keep and bear arms, nor that the Supreme Court, as liberal as it is, has declared that an INDIVIDUAL RIGHT.

Yet people still cling to the Democrat Party while watching and assisting in the destruction of the United States. Worse yet, millions more don’t even have the BALLS to take a side and just float with whatever the majority of the minority of voters decide. Up to and including being dis-armed while the rape gangs of Europe and the Middle East are brought into their neighborhoods.

This is further proof that Liberalism IS a Metal Disorder, and so is APATHY. Doesn’t anyone realize that the grand experiment that has been tried and failed in Europe of open borders and mass migration will also fail here, with the same results. If you do then you can not help but know that the very definition of INSANITY is to keep doing the same thing over and over again and hoping for different results.

My message here is to both the Awakened in the audience, to give you a further heads up as to what is coming to YOUR Neighborhood, but also to the Apathetic of you out there that say “This could never happen here so why should I worry?” I am certain the Europeans who are now under heavy siege by Muslims said the very same thing as they opened their borders, their communities to them. ~MadVeteran


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