So far we have covered the Socialization of our Medical System, the unchecked Usurpation of Power by the Executive Branch, the support for and support of the rise of ISIS (ISIL by the President and his men). Couple that with the forced removal of a man who had once been an enemy but was no longer to allow for the insertion of Muslim Brotherhood backed “rebels” into power. This act alone leading to the Murder, during an act of war, of a sitting US Ambassador that had begged for more security, BUT WAS DENIED. We also covered the blatant treachery of turning over an allied country to an international terrorist organization. As well as the hiring and placing in sensitive positions member of this same terror organization within our Government. And still the Fundamental Change is moving.

Not content with what he has done to damage the status of the United States with allies around the world, the Right Dis-Honorable Mr. Obama set his sites on the Balkanization of America. With full support from his minions in Congress (pictured) he set about to turn American against American. Suddenly those who were on the fringe of the left moved dead center!!

Al Sharpton, a one time informer for the DEA and FBI turned tax dodging, hate mongering, anti-anything-but-black, race hustler is now a frequent visitor to the White House. The same with Louis Farrakhan, leader of the Nation of Islam, a black militant group that even the Muslim Countries refuse to recognize. Black Panther activists were recorded interfering with the free passage of voters during the election and re-election of Obama, and nothing is done by Obama’s DOJ.

A black is killed while attacking a Latino in Florida and Obama interferes with the investigation. Due to it being a Latino and not a Caucasian, a new term is coined by the race hustlers to gin up anger…he was no longer a “Latino” but was now a “White Latino”. Riots and death threats are issued to try and stack the judicial deck and what happens to the rioters? NOTHING. As far as I remember not one arrest. The Black Panther movement and Al Sharpton are front and center, with televised death threats being issued against this newly minted White-Latino, bounties being offered for him, even though he is in the judicial process…and NOTHING IS DONE. Oh “He could have been my son” was Obama’s catch phrase. Didn’t work, let’s try harder.

Another black man, “The Gentle Giant” is killed within an hour of committing strong arm robbery, while attacking a police officer, and here’s the chance. More riots, more threats, more televised death threats. Leftist activists from all over are shipped in and paid to protest and riot. Obama sends representatives to a known gang member’s and criminal’s funeral and the AGUS to harass and investigate the Officer and his Police Organization. The Governor refuses to commit the National Guard, and the Police, in fear of the investigation by DOJ holds back. Opps, didn’t work this time. But it has started a fracture among the US Citizenry and there protectors, the thin blue line. After things calm down, protestors are back in the street but why? Because the money they were receiving was cut off!!

Another black male is dies while resisting arrest. Again here comes Sharpton to enrage the easily lead crowds. Again in come the Black Panthers to push for revolution, riots break out in several major cities. At least one major US city lies in ruins because the Mayor of the City issues order for the police to let them riot if the want to, “Give them the space”. The crack widens but doesn’t break.

Videos and reports surface showing Louis Farrakhan, the Leader of the Nation of Islam, inside of a Baptist Church, openly calling for the “Creation of an army of the willing, 4,000 of you, to step up and kill the oppressor”…(The White Guy) and nothing is done, nothing is said by the Administration to shut this down. The leader of a tax exempt “Religious” organization openly calls for the creation of a murderous army to start a revolution, a guy who had his house declared a Holy Cite to get around paying property taxes, and NOTHING IS DONE, Not a word from the President or his people.

I can see the advisors now, “Damn Mr President, I was sure we could explode a race war, but it hasn’t happened yet. Lets try with the Muslims. After all they are naturally more aggressive and angry than US Blacks.” or words similar in meaning. “After all, we have been importing them and setting them up in enclaves around the country, let’s get them roused up”.

Suddenly you have Muslims attacking police with hatchets in New York City. People being beheaded at work in several places around the country. The Boston Marathon being bombed by 2 Muslim refugees. You’ve already had a Muslim Major do a shooting spree on the Nation’s largest military base!! Reports come out and are verified of Muslim “Camps” sprouting up around the country. More reports surface about “radical clerics” within Mosques right here in the United States preaching jihad, prepping the fighters to strike, and what does the Administration do? Forbids surveillance of these mosques but green lights infiltration of Christian Churches to make sure they are not crossing the line into politics!!

With all of this happening, an election is held. You had 46% of the eligible voters in this election not show up at the polls. Up from the 37% in the 2008 election that gave us Barrack Hussein Obama. alarms are sounding all over the world due to the actions, and in-actions of this Administration and almost have of us sit out an election that could have stopped him dead in his tracks. Seems the crack that I have been mentioning had widened to the point no one wanted to be bothered trying to stop him. The Fundamental Change is working and is now kicking into high gear.


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