Once elected he, using his useful idiots in the Senate and House, got to work on his TRANSFORMATION OF AMERICA. The first target was the world’s premier health care system. They planned and, using every dirty trick in the book, orchestrated a Government takeover of the Health Care Industry.

As I outlined in previous articles, using a bill passed by the house to assist Military Home Owners, procedural rules and tricks, Dirty Hairy and his bunch stripped the language of the bill and inserted OBAMACARE into it’s place.

Why? Because they were well aware of the Taxes contained in the bill, that all revenue enhancing bills must start in the House, and that it could not pass as a Stand Alone bill. Hence, on Christmas eve, Dirty Hairy cut off debate and forced a vote.

Then in March Ms. Pelosi made her infamous comment “We have to pass it to see what is in it’. Hence, out of lies, deceit, procedural tricks and out right BS, the monstrosity called the Affordable Care and Patient Protection Act was born. The Transformation had begun.

Using the language contained in the bill, the Department of Health and Human Services, not a duly elected Congress, but a political appointee and her underlings, now had control over health care plans. Who can get them, what they will cost, what they would and would not cover. All of it in the hands of an unelected Bureaucrat, following orders from the Right Dishonorable Mr. O.

If the law did not specifically cover something, they created a new regulation to do it or Mr. O signed a royal proclamation to accomplish it. The FUNDEMENTAL TRANSFORMATION continued. We were fast changing from a Representative Republic to a Dictatorship, and NO ONE CARED!!

Not satisfied with this, Mr O went in front of the United Nations and declared how the United States was the LARGEST MUSLIM NATION IN THE WORLD!! He went on to say that Muslims had had a hand in building this once great nation and were intertwined throughout our history. AND PEOPLE ACTUALLY CHEERED!! Not you and I but the same people who cheered at the site of planes crashing into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and into the Ground on 9-11-01!! Our enemies cheered a sitting President for the first time in our history. The FUNDEMENTAL CHANGE picked up speed.

In order to prove that the US was not at war with ISLAM, he used his IRAINIAN born advisor, Valarie Jarret, to place Muslims into positions of power.

Headlines in Egypt, newly taken by the terrorist organization THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD, who birthed Al Qaeda and Bin Laden, with the able assistance of Obama, Jarret and Clinton, proudly listed their members, through their US organization CAIR, as being in high positions in the Department of Homeland Security, Department of Defense, the White House and elsewhere in the Administration. The alarm was sounded but no one could hear it. No one answered the call, and the Fundamental Transformation switched gears.

We let the blood spilled in Iraq go for naught, and like a teenager on prom night, pulled out all too soon, but not until He freed the man who would step in and fill the vacuum left by our RETREAT. The man who would later meet with John McCain in Syria, receive money and arms from the US and then set up ISIS and declare a caliphate in Syria and Iraq.

Notice how, to this day, the Administration talking heads refuse to use “ISIS” (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria) but instead use “ISIL” (Islamic state in Iraq and the Levant). WHY? Do they know something you do not? Yes they do and it signals their further intentions. Look at the map on the cover of this post. The clear intention is to facilitate an Islamic Caliphate in ALL of the Mid-East!! The Alarm was sounded again…and again no one listened!! We now were going from a Dictatorship, ruled by regulations and Executive orders to a State Sponsor of Terrorism.

Still the Fundamental Transformation continued.


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