With as much as I hate to admit it, it seems as if TAPS, the military tribute to the honored dead, is sounding for this once great nation called The United States of America. Have we went beyond the edge and now have no way back? Why would someone who spent his adult life (well 22 years of it at least) in uniform and in the service of this country even entertain that idea? Read on and I will explain.

In 2008 a person, with no verifiable background, with no verifiable experience other than a short stint in the Illinois Senate and US Senate, with a very questionable lineage and despite the FACT that he was not Constitutionally qualified as a Natural Born Citizen, was elected to the highest office in the land. It didn’t even seem to bother most that there was verifiable and massive voter fraud in the election.

What did he run on? His slogan was “HOPE AND CHANGE” and his campaign promise was to “FUNDEMENTALLY CHANGE AMERICA”.

Why was he elected? Because a lot of people said “It’s time for a President of Color”. Not because of what he did in his past, we never got to find any of that out. Not because of his stance on the issues…he voted “present” over 50% of the time. He was elected mainly due to his Skin Tone!!

He was elected at a time when 37% of the eligible voters decided to sit out the election and let others decide which way this country goes. He was elected by the votes, not of a majority of the American People, but by just over 1/3rd of the eligible voters on this nation!! Think about that for a second…most say “Majority rules”, yet in the land of freedom, in the Country that routinely has shed it precious blood to secure voting rights and freedom around the world, millions of it’s son’s and daughters buried in those foreign lands, just over ONE-THIRD of the people elected an unqualified, un-vetted, no experienced person to PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES!!!


Harsh? Not in the least, it is TRUTH. The thing is, millions are clambering for the same thing now, for the 2016 election. There are at least TWO candidates now who do not meet the Constitutional qualifications for President, and yet there are those that are blind to this fact. I outlined it in an earlier article that you can read here if you want. No one has brought forth a shred of evidence or proof to refute the claims I make in that article nor challenged the evidence I put forth. If anyone can, I am open minded enough to admit it, but unless there is hard evidence, as what I produced, don’t even waste my time.

Now we know when the Bugler started warming up to play Taps, in part two we will look at why, what has transpired to bring us to this point? We, as nation, are on the edge and off balance!! Is there time? Is there enough of you out there that give a rats ass to stop us from tumbling over the edge? To be honest people, Ole Sarge here is DOUBTFULL to say the least. Stay tuned for TAPS IS SOUNDING FOR THE UNITED STATES, part two. ~MadVeteran



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