“Refugees Looking For Assistance in Europe”

First, let me say that, with all due respect to your positions, ARE YOU F’ING CRAZY!!!! One look at the above linked video should change your mind about your recent request to bring an additional 100,000 of these jihadists here. If not then the reports, and my suspicions are true. YOU ARE OUT TO DESTROY THIS COUNTRY.

You want this, I am sure, to show the world how big your hearts are but, IF you truly want it I am sure it can happen. I will even volunteer to assist you setting up shelters for them as they come in, with one caveat….WE BUILD THE SHELTERS IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOODS.

Nancy Pelosi, you have a nice clean and safe neighborhood, and, as you and your family are top 1%ers I am sure you have a small parcel of land or home in the area we can convert to house some of these “Poor Refugees”. I will give freely of my labor to assist with this. That way you can personally check on their care and security on a daily basis by having your family drop by and see to them.

Imagine that, your own personal group of constituents who, in 6 years from coming in, will be a voting block RIGHT IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD. Can’t get any better than that can you? What is that you say Ms Pelosi? You can’t because the bylaws of the area will not allow it? Hell, lady (sic), you’re a US Congresswoman and can get those changed I am sure. Just write a bill, and make sure it is Sharia compliant by passing it through your people in CAIR, and tell the good people of California that it <strong>”must be passed before we can see what is in it”</strong><em>.

The same goes to the other 71 Congress people that joined you in this request. With this plan in place we can put 1,389 people into each of your neighborhoods and quickly accommodate the ISIS caused and controlled rush of jihadists right where they need to be. YOUR BACK YARD, NOT OURS!!!!





  1. Very well said. And, I couldn’t agree more. Might change the face of the voters in their neighborhoods, and the “laws” which apply to the township, but I am sure they wouldn’t mind. I’ll donate time, and even a small sum towards that type of relocation. Easy to shove Muslims off on the rest of us, and allow them with four wives, to outbreed us and create the perfect environment for Sharia Law, and the eventual takeover of our communities, later the state offices, and finally the entire government. That is what Obama’s plan has always been. And, Valerie Jarrett makes no bones about her goal of having one world religion–Islam–and government under that religion. Gotta love the idiocy of the Democrats, or anyone else that would do something so stupid, when we already allow, legally, over 75,000 over year from the middle east. Then there are the Additional that Obama is allowing in through the DHS. How do they think we got the Tsarnaev brothers? Oh well…preaching to the choir. Good article.


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