It is beyond time that you stood and fulfilled your oaths of office to PROTECT AND DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES AND YOUR STATE CONSTITUTIONS, which also means protecting the citizens of this country and those states, from ALL ENEMIES, FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC. Only YOU can effect the change necessary to stop the illegal and extremely dangerous activities of the Executive Branch of our Government.

For too long you have spit out the rhetoric you thought the American people, the rightful owners and masters of this once great enterprise called The United States of America, wanted to hear, and yet bowed to special interests and Politically Correct policies. All you have done is enabled what is now happening.

We are in the process, due to Presidential Declarations, of loosing our culture and our country. More and more illegals are crossing our southern border from all nations on Earth it seems. Including some of our enemies. They are given benefits and allowed to stay without even being vetted and knowing just who the hell they are.

Now reports are surfacing of a quarter-of-a-million “refugees” being accepted in the past year and President Obama just stated he wants another 60,000 Syrians to enter? Some research shows that once granted refugee status, and then political asylum, these “refugees” are required by law to file for and obtain coveted Permanent Legal Alien (PLA) status. They are then allowed to become citizens within 5 years? That is bad enough and will, within 10 years if something is not done, completely change the demographics of this country. Yet there you sit. In your plush, air conditioned offices, ignoring your oaths of office and DO NOTHING.

I respectfully submit that this is not immigration and this is not a “humanitarian gesture” on the part of the US. IT IS SUICIDE! Or more aptly, it is the Homicide of the United States. YOU are allowing enemy combatants complete access to our shores, our cities and our people, in direct confrontation with our Constitution and your OATHS to protect and defend. There is no other way to look at it.

The US Congress has the power to stop it NOW. Take up the challenge, reach down and pull yourselves from the lows to which you have fallen and DO SOMETHING. Pass binding resolutions requiring the State Department and the POTUS to submit requests for the “refugees” they are wanting to bring in, as is your right and Constitutional Duty. Make sure that every one has been properly vetted before allowing them access, IF you allow access at all. If the weak kneed, so called “Leaders” within the House and Senate will not do this then issue an order to Vacate and replace them. It CAN and it MUST be done before the people are confronted with the choice in this country to Fight or Die.

To the Governors out there. All 50 of you have the power to turn back the tide. You have he right and the responsibility to decide IF you accept these illegal importations into your State from the Federal Government. No one else does. You can not be forced to accept them and let them be turned loose on your economies or people! Why do you do it? For the Federal Handouts? Money (a bribe), they do not have, that they say they will take away if you don’t? These handouts are not nearly enough to cover just the economic costs to your states, much less the personal and possibly tragic costs to your citizens! Look around, the signs are clear all over the country. This is not the “good thing” to do. This is not the right things to do, nor the smart thing to do. Its is a usurpation of our good will and our laws! PUT A STOP TO IT. Issue executive orders or have your State Legislatures pass laws forbidding the importation of human beings (trafficking) across your state lines without your permission and full vetting documentation. It’s that easy. THEN ENFORCE IT.

In closing I would like to remind you all of what ISIS and Caliphate Leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of a group we are AT WAR WITH, said just this past year, concerning the United States…“We have jihadists in place in 17 of your states just waiting to strike” I do not think that was an idle threat. They are here and more are coming, within this “refugee” population. He also warned Europe that he would flood them with “500,000 jihadists” and look what is going on right now.

We, THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES demand you uphold your oaths of office and stop the rampant disregard for our Country, Our Lives and Our Freedoms!!



  1. The WHOLE point of the mass refugee program orchestrated by the Middle East Caliphate is to INCREASE THE #’S AND INFLUENCE IN NON Islamic COUNTRIES to the point of being ABLE to change the host country to Islam. WAKE UP! THEY ARE NOT REFUGEES. tHEY ARE THE MIDDLE EAST ISLAMIC CALIPHATE’S NEW TACTIC TO INCREASE THEIR NUMBERS IN NON MUSLIM COUNTRIES. Now that attention has been brought to the “OPEN SOUTHERN” BORDER, a New way was devised to get the needed numbers to act..


    • You are 100% correct Mr Finucan. I actually laid that out in my article from yesterday morning entitled The MUSLIM Invasion. The information I found while researching that article really, is you’ll excuse the pun, made this Veteran Mad. At present all we can do, legally, is raise the awareness of the people to start holding the political bosses accountable, and what better time to do it then during an election cycle. With enough patriots waking up and forcing them (the politicians) to abide by their oaths or get out, we may be able to turn this around before we end up like Syria and Iraq. Thank you for your response and for anything you can do yourself to raise awareness and fight the fight. ~MadVeteran


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