The MUSLIM Invasion

It’s actually been going on for some time. They studied and learned lessons well under the old Soviet doctrines. It was Nakita Kruschev that said “We will dominate the United States and take it down without firing a single shot.” He laid the ground work and the current batch of Liberals was born. That is what is going on now with the MUSLIMS being brought into our country, in addition to the illegals crossing the southern border.

In a previous article I outlined what was going on along that southern border. When you get enough people in a country to tip the balance and change the demographics of that country, and they are openly aided by idiotic, IF well meaning, leaders and citizens, you cease to have a country. That change can be either ethnic, philosophical or religious.

Under the guise of a well meaning program, the Refugee programs this country has, we see an invasion of massive proportions. It’s not Christians, who are being slaughtered in the middle east being brought in for safe haven. It’s not Jews who are likewise being slaughtered, not Hindus, not even Aethiests…it is MUSLIMS.

Our program is supposed to offer temporary safe shelter for those oppressed populations that are in grave danger. Women, Children and the elderly, who can not defend themselves are what it was designed for. We offer a safe haven until the situation in their country improves and then they, as welcomed guests, are supposed to return home. But somethings have changed!!

We have taken in upwards of 80,000 refugees PER YEAR since 2005!! That is 800,000 people that for one reason or another refused to fight for their principles, their familes and own countries, that are now here, changing ours. According to the current law, after 1 year residence in the US they now MUST, not can but MUST apply for and be granted Lawful Permanent Resident Alien Status!!! If you don’t think that can change an area, take a good long look at the stories you can find about Dearborn Michigan.

In 2012 Bhutan, Iraq and Burma accounted for 71% of the refugees coming in. Not really sure but I do believe those are MUSLIM countries? These “big 3” are followed by Somalia, Cuba, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Iran, Eritrea, Sudan, and Ethiopia to round out the top 10. Why do I call them the “big 3”? Because the top three countries of origin for refugee arrivals have remained the same since 2009. That’s the history lesson, now let’s look at WHO is coming.

Yes you have some that are in the 3 main categories I listed earlier, 1) Women 2) Children and 3) the Elderly. But look at the mess now unfolding in Europe , and you can see our future. Most of those coming across are 1) Men 2) relatively fit young men (seen a pic of one I wouldn’t want to tangle with and I am 6’1 and 250 lbs). 3) Of military age and 4) Capable of fighting for their families and countries. Now Mr. Obama states he wants to bring another 60,000 of these individuals from Syria to the US as a “humanitarian gesture”?? That is in ADDITION to the ones already brought in, the millions he let in from the southern border and the usual 80,000 people a year.

What else do we know about them? Nothing really except for one glaring thing…they are not the Christians who are being enslaved and slaughtered by ISIS and others in the area!! They are the ones doing the slaughtering, or at least of the same group…MUSLIMS!! Hell, his own FBI has told him that they can not, I repeat, CAN NOT verify who these people are or even why they are coming here. Yet, Mr. O has it in his mind to change the demographics if the U.S., change the makeup of it’s population and it’s beliefs, do away with the U.S. that has lead the free world since WWII and made many enemies into friends and, all he while, befriending, and yes, supporting our enemies!!

Here is an important question that needs, no begs to be asked…Where are the women and children in this group? They are being left behind so either the guys coming don’t give a damn or they know their families are safe and are on a different mission. What may that mission be?

Remember when ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghadi, who was freed by Mr. O from prison in Iraq,  told us that they had Jihadists in 17 states? How the hell do you think they got here? Remember when he also told Europe that he would flood them with 500,000 Jihadists? Do you not see the nightly news reports? THAT is the mission. That is why, by some reports, up to 95% of those refugees are unaccompanied (left wife and children behind WITH ISIS) young men, in their prime, that for some reason refuse to fight for their countries yet riot in the countries that take them in. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!

Lets take a look at the richest Muslim country in the world..our old friends Saudi Arabia. As, arguably, the richest and most powerful Muslim country in the world they could put things right in a week or two really. Set up the camps, feed, clothe and care for other Muslims in need, as the Quran tells them they must do. So what assistance do they offer Europe? TO FINANCE THE BUILDING OF 20,000 MOSQUES!! What? Wait? No monetary assistance? No food or medical assistance (by the way, the refugees are refusing Red Cross packages because of the “Cross” on them), but MOSQUES?? Wonder why?

Another history lesson, and one that dates back to the 700’s and as recently as New York, a year after 9-11. Historically when the Muslims conquer a land, they build VICTORY MOSQUES in that land. So Saudi Arabia, indecently where most of the 9-11 hi-jackers came from as well as Bin Laden, is telling Europe “You’re done, surrender now and lets us build your new houses of worship to OUR God, Allah”. Don’t kid yourselves, they are now, despite the rhetoric, fully on board and possibly even financing the INVASION.

Also remember this, for the first time in US History a sitting President, instead of approaching another country’s leader as an equal, prostrated himself, and therefor the United States (that is you and I) by BOWING to a Muslim Leader when he met the King Of Saudi Arabia. He did not bow, or courtesy, to the Queen of England when he returned the bust of Winston Churchill, but he did to a MUSLIM King. WHY?

People, it is here!! It is happening NOW!! Not 10 years from now, but NOW, right now, in full view. It is no longer being hidden and whispered about. For years it was underhanded, kept secret. Little deals here and there. Remove the Christian God from the public square. No longer teach the reason we are who we are or the foundations of our system of laws. Remove all mention of the Christian or Jewish God from our schools, from the court houses and from memory, if possible.

Fill that void with lessons for GRADE SCHOOLERS about ISLAM, about how ALLAH is the only GOD. About how much the Muslim world has done for the United States! Now that the ground work has been laid and the American people lulled into a drug induced complacency, comes the fighters. The ones that will try to force Sharia Law on us (as is happening in some parts of the country now). The ones that will behead you and your sons (unless they can be converted) and take your wives, sisters, daughters as tribute for sexual slavery, as admonished to do so by some perverted old man that married a 6 year old girl!!

America, it is time to put aside the Politically Correct BULLSHIT that allowed this to happen and confront it head on, anyway you can. Organize and join protests, no not the quiet kind that no one listens to. Not the ones on over passes that people honk their horns at as they speed by, only to forget the message during their long day at work or play. Make it large, loud and impossible to ignore, even for the blind, deaf and dumb that are in power in this country.

We need a LEADER that is not afraid to ruffle the feathers of those that mean the U.S. harm, or of those that are allowing it to happen for either popularity or money. DO WHATEVER YOU CAN TO SEEK OUT THIS LEADER!! Support him or her and help push them into a position where they can make a difference. Be it a local leader on your town council, in your State House, in the National Congress and Senate or the White House. Hold the people currently in power accountable! If they have been in elected office while this has been happening and not done anything to stop it, KICK THEIR ASSES TO THE CURB. Make sure whoever you support is behind holding them accountable for their illegal actions, even once they are out of office.

DO IT NOW, DO IT LOUD AND DO IT PEACEFUL WHILE YOU CAN, or prepare yourself to pick up your rifle and do it later when your family is under attack. ~MadVeteran


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