9112001 – 9112015 What Has Changed?

Sitting here thinking of what happened 14 years ago today, and all that has happened since..
Due to lack of tracking and enforcement of immigration laws back then 20 people, on expired visas, were able to board different airplanes, and, using them as weapons of mass destruction, kill over 3000 innocent Americans and foreign nationals. Their crime? They were not Muslims and were just beginning a days work.
With them they took the dreams of thousands more. Parents who watched in horror as the plane their child was on disintegrated on impact. Children hearing that a parent will never again dry their crying eyes. A brother who’s last words with a family member were harsh and now ring forever in their ears because he thought he had time to make up for them.
All of these things SHOULD have taught us a lesson. Yes, for all to brief a time they united us as a Country before the left decided to double down on dividing us again. Let me ask you, WHAT HAS CHANGED SINCE 9-11-2001?
We have won 2 separate wars, only to re-loose the first and slip back into stalemate in the other. The first listed above brought about an enemy far greater than the one that attacked us 14 years ago. Treating the other as a police action and freeing that enemies top generals while still at war had made us not just more vulnerable but has cost lives by showing the pack of dogs known as RADICAL ISLAM we were weak and could be set upon at will.
Now, instead of enforcing our borders we are flying the families of millions of illegals into the country, at taxpayer expense. Instead of destroying our enemies we now allow them free access to the country via refugee programs as well as crossing the borders. Hell, we give them the very tools, money, access and unfettered access rights to do as they will. They are now, in this country areas our own citizens are forbidden to go and law enforcement has been told Hands off.
Dearborn, Michigan have broadcast calls to Muslim prayer and road signs in a foreign language. Christians are forbidden access to fairs and public events due to MUSLIM sensitivities. Muslims are allowed unfettered access to their religious beliefs while Christians are prosecuted for theirs. To say something in defense of America is now RACIST. Our first responders, who heroically answered the call 14 years ago are routinely EXECUTED in our streets.
In order to gain popularity with certain segments police are ordered by a mayor of a major city to give those rioting and looting over a false narrative being pushed by the divider “space to do so”.
People who once we’re able to defend themselves are now set upon by the left because they didn’t allow themselves to be beaten, rapped or robbed.
As you pause today to reflect upon the events of 14 years ago, I fervently hope you see, in time to reverse it, the even more direct and dangerous situation the left has PURPOSEFULLY placed you, your children and your Country in since.
Am I STILL angry about 9-11….YOU BET YOUR ASS I AM…AND YOU SHOULD BE TOO. ~MadVeteran


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