Ok group. Just found out that MAJOR changes and price increases for the Military and Retired Military Pharmacy Insurance program are coming at us like a freight train. Did I find out with a required written notification in mail from the Government Contracted Insurance Provider I pay my fees to? NOPE, Nya-ya, No freaking way. Instead, thanks to my subscription to Military News Report I just happened to notice the story and now have my warning.

On October 1st, there are MAJOR Medicines that TRI-CARE will no longer cover if you get them from a Civilian Pharmacy. Some of these are not just life enhancing BUT life critical drugs. If you get them from your local pharmacy after September 30th, you will have to foot the entire bill yourself.

They do offer you a chance to get it through their “mail order program” and have it covered, but everyone knows what that is like. Wrong medicines being delivered! Your requested refill being lost in the mail and you having to do without! Medicines being stolen once delivered unless you are home, and you have to do without! The substituting inferior “generic” brands that do not work in your system!

The other option is you live by a Military Base with a pharmacy. Even that one is iffy because they do not stock all medicines in all the military pharmacies. (Remember, costs savings, even at the cost of lives, is the Government mantra!!)

Does it matter to those that come up with such brainy ideas that this month alone my co-share payment has doubled and tripled on some drugs I need to stay alive (while Obama, in his generosity, and while campaigning for a $15.00/hour minimum wage, has decided I am my fellow retirees as well as active duty soldiers deserve a 1.3% increase). Now three of the ones I need to stay alive are off the list entirely.

So, and I kid you not, just on those three if I go to the same pharmacy I have been for 7 years (kind of like “If you like your Doctor you can keep your Doctor, Period) I have to pay the full price as quoted in the pharmacy computer. For a total, and I just tripled checked this amount with the Pharmacist today, $8,014.94 PER MONTH!!!

I have a thyroid condition, which if untreated can kill me…and my dosage requires 2 separate mg amounts, so 2 separate medicines (per tri-care) and 2 separate charges…now copay = $60.00 per bottle for 30 day supply. October 1st $479.00 per bottle for the same 30 day supply!!!

I have had a heart stint placed and need to be on a blood thinner for the next 6 months at least (according to the Doctor) which costs me $47.00 copay for 30 day supply. On October 1st the price to me is going to jump to $347.50!!! Well there’s my retirement check on those 2 meds.

But you talk about sticker shock. I am also diabetic (type 2) and have to take the name brand because the weaker generic does not work on my system. A $47.00 per month supply (cost to me) is going trough the roof, up through the atmosphere, bouncing off the freaking moon and ending up where? WTF KNOWS!! I have included as the Lead in pic the actual receipt showing the FULL Price cost to me effective October 1st. In case you did not see the picture I’ll tell you the CONFIRMED COST… $6,709.44 for a 30 day supply!!

I have been on the phone with Tri-Care and they say either I switch to their mail order club of horrors (well I added the horrors part) or hope they have it in stock at the military base. Third option would be to win the lottery and tell them to take their broken promises and stick them where the sun doesn’t shine!!! But that is about as likely as finding out the refugees streaming into Europe and the US from the middle east are Christians, and not jihadist in waiting.

But that’s another story for another day. For now be warned, your Veterans are not only getting killed off waiting for medical care , we are now getting killed off by pricing our life maintaining drugs beyond our reach. ~MadVeteran



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    UPDATE: Those that know me know I am a Retired Veteran of 22 years service to this country. Due to changes to my Prescription Insurance, which I do pay a premium for, which were brought about by the PPACA (Obama Care) certain medications I need are no longer available to me. My system is one where the generic form the medicines do not work properly. I am diabetic and the only oral form of the medication to control it has been Glumetza, Tri-care took it off their list of “approved medicines” and due to that in order for me to stay on it I must pay full price (last check was in the order of 1,000’s of dollars per month). They gave me the option of buying it from them “mail order” at 1/3rd the normal price (still 1,000’s) or go to military pharmacy. I went to the pharmacy and a SGT (E5) changed my prescription to the GENERIC as they do not carry the name brand. The Lyrica I take for fibromyalgia is also not available on post and is 100% payable by me if I purchase off post. My Blood pressure medicine is a “formulary” which is no longer allowed under Tri-care and therefore NOT carried by the Base Pharmacy and carries a 100% Copay is purchased off base. People say that there were no “death panels” in ObamaCare? I am seeing one in action to where the American Government and the People they represent have told me, and 100’s of Thousands of other Veterans, basically, to go away and die because you no longer matter. Without treatment Veterans are dying everyday, but not enough of us for Obama, so now take the medicines away from others who faithfully served and let them die as well. What was it Scrooge said “Let them die and decrease the surplus population”? Bahhhhh fucking humbug!!!!!


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