This is a call to all freedom loving members of the U.S. House of Representatives. Congressman John Boehner is no Conservative, hell he doesn’t even make a good RINO!! It is time you stood up for the people who put you into the Hallowed Halls of Congress and vote this guy from his leadership (sic) position!

Anytime there has been push from the left on ANY issue of significance the current Speaker has backed down, knuckled under and went blubbering like a limp wristed idiot to his office, letting Obama, Pelosi and the rest have their way with us. (And quiet frankly my 4th point of contact is a little sore.)

To make it worse, when the principled conservatives we have elected do attempt to stand up, what happens? The old pink tie wearing, can’t talk for crying on National TV tried to have them removed from any committee positions.


Today you report back to Congress to begin work again (most of you anyway, well, maybe some of you?). Before the break there was reports of a MOTION TO VACATE from Congressman Mark Meadows (R-NC) to force John Boehner from the Speaker’s Chair. (From a Tar-heel Transplant to another Tar-heel….WAY TO GO MARK!!!! Now follow up on it.)

As for the rest of you, GET ON BOARD, and do what we elected you and pay you to day #TAKEBACKAMERICA !!

Might I suggest, after you force Boehner from the chair, and dis-infect it and the Gavel, bring TREY GOWDY to the position.

Now get it done. ~MadVeteran


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