Turn it around, MAKE YOUR VOTE COUNT

Ok, let me say this about the upcoming election. I still keep hearing the tired excuse “My vote won’t count” or how about this one “The Establishment will just put in who they want”. Well, cupcake, if you are going to give up even before the primaries then guess what? YOU’RE RIGHT. Not voting means your vote does not count and it means that you are letting them install who they want. Look at the chart below, done with information freely available from Government sources (I know, I looked before making it). In the 2012 election that gave us Obama’s second term, we had more people who DID NOT VOTE than that voted, for EITHER SIDE. In 2014 more people stayed home and did not vote than those that voted FOR BOTH SIDES!!! PUT FREAKING TOGETHER!!!!
You want to stop them, and stop what is going on? You say the “Establishment” should not be saying who is in the debates and who is in the primaries? Well I hear you and I, for one, have decided to do something about it. Take this challenge with me. We all know people who did not vote for some reason, I know I do. Make it a personal goal to find just two of them and convince them to vote. IF everyone reading this will do that, just those on my FB friends list, and also convince those two to find two, in just two generations of this meme, we would have another 2500 voters dedicated to stopping the mess we the people have allowed to happen.
Now imagine if those 2500, maybe you included, brought in two people and they brought in two? There are enough NON-VOTERS from 2014 to beat any “Establishment” candidate hands down, of either party. So take the challenge. ‪#‎justget2tovote‬ and let’s TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY. (Please use the hash tag to show that you are taking the challenge). ~MadVeteran


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