#noirandeal CALL TO ACTION #noirandeal

CALL TO ACTION: Folks this is such an easy one to do, may take 30 minutes out of your day. Tuesday Congress reconvenes from the Labor Day Weekend. We NEED a concerted effort, across Ideological and Political lines here. Please, every day next week, set 30 minutes aside and Call the U.S. Capitol at (844) 879-5990 and tell your Senator or Representative to oppose President Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran.
If you want to give them a reason other than “It’s just a bad deal” here are a couple:
1: The deal will immediately release 130 BILLION dollars to the largest State Sponsor of Terrorism and also a Country with the blood of American Servicemen and women from Iraq and Afghanistan on it’s hands.
2: The deal is and agreement between two countries, The United States of America and IRAN, as such it is a TREATY and the only Constitutional way for it to be implemented is with a 2/3 Super Majority of the Senate. What they are trying is UNCONSTUTIONAL.
3: Your young children will be the targets of the ICBMS that Iran is already researching and testing, tipped with the Nuclear weapons that Iran will get after the 10 year limit is up. If your child is now 6, they will enter mid-teens with an Iranian target indicator on them if this deal is not stopped.
SO important and so little effort, but the switchboard at 844-879-5990 (just tested the number to ensure it worked) must be flooded with calls informing them that WE THE PEOPLE are against this measure, deal, treaty, whatever the hell they want to call it.
Will you join me and others in the effort? If you will please place this ‪#‎noirandeal‬ in your message, on your twitter, any where you can. Make your voices heard Patriots. ~MadVeteran


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