Military Pay Raise CUT for 3rd year.

They take away the Veteran’s rights because of PTSD they contracted fighting for this country, strip them of their dignity and self esteem by making them go to an organization run by political hacks and staffed by Affirmative Action hires that treat them like an interruption instead of their jobs, and leave them to die on waiting lists to receive the promised medical care. They serve Reduction In Force (RIF) notices to soldiers still deployed in battle zones. They cut the Armed Forces of the US to pre World War One levels, fire top Generals that do not agree with them and place Chalkboard Warriors in charge of the fight against ISIS as well as Al Qaeda and the Taliban (Yes we are still in that War as well, even though there has been a conscious MSM news blackout on it). They ask these young men and women to do more with less every day and yet they offer a 1.3% pay raise for the third year running? All the while saying how people need a minimum wage of $15.00 and hour for flipping freaking hamburgers??? I’ll say this now, just as I did to President Regan his first year in office and he was faced with an anti-military Congress…but this time it goes out to Congress with an anti-military POUTUS in charge. Ask yourself this, what will happen the next time the Political Elite decide to take us to war AND NOBODY SHOWS UP??? Then, these poor souls in the picture above, have to be ordered to attend the speech by the doped up architect of this disaster (Look at his eyes and the faces of those around him. He is clearly stoned and they are clearly in a place they do not want to be) Wake up America. They fought for YOU…it is time you STAND FOR THEM. ‪#‎standforthem‬ ~ MadVeteran


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