******A little warning here…this story has graphic images…it is not meant to offend but to inform*******

Let us remember a few FACTS here, regardless of how the current residents of Pennsylvania Avenue seem to be treating it, the cold, hard truth is WE ARE AT WAR. We have been since ole Slick Willy Clinton was in office. Remember the attacks on our Embassies back then? Remember the USS Cole? It heated up under G.W. Bush after the attacks of 9-11 happened and our current occupant of the White House has left us wide open.

First lets take a look at who we are at war with. People with a hard, set, moral code that will, and have, done ANYTHING to force that code on others. No, I am not talking about Christians that want you to listen to their sermons, though God knows we could all use a little of that now. I am talking about the ONE religion in the world that teaches it’s strict followers to spread the religion until it is the only one in the WORLD. If that has to be by political means, ok, if not then deceit, war, death, destruction and slavery are authorized. Don’t believe it just look at ISIS, Boko-haram, Al Qaeda and everything they have done. The beheadings of Christians, burning people alive, tossing gays from rooftops, selling little girls and women into sexual slavery. It’s in the news, all you have to do is research it. Just look at this recent story from Pamela Geller

Now you ask “Just what does that have to do with our southern border?”
We have the same things happening across our border with Mexico. Bands of hardened thugs and terrorist, just like ISIS (and some reports say ISIS is there). Take a gander at this picture here…(Caution very graphic)

mexican beheaders2

I am not talking along Mexico’s southern border, which they defend (unless you pay transit fees to come to ours), and I am not talking about in the interior of their country. This is adjacent to our OPEN border and the very area illegals must cross to get here. The people who are doing this? Drug Cartels are certain. You know the ones that send their pregnant wives across the border to get citizenship for their children so they can bring more of the same type of people here. Yes, I will say it, the ANCHOR BABIES are a part of their plan. ISIS knows this, the Drug Cartels know this, the Main Stream Media, DEA, FBI, DHS, hell they all know it. It is an invasion, just as sure as if Mexican Tanks were leading the way.

In warfare you can take a country down in several different ways. One is open warfare, which is coming but not quite yet. Another is this. 1)Infiltrate behind enemy lines; check, they are streaming across the border. 2) Find willing allies among the local population; check, we have a radical left in this country, from the Main Stream media, to groups like the New Black Panthers and Nation of Islam that are now openly advocating armed racial war, to churches that insist on sanctuary for law breakers, all seemingly hell bent on taking it apart at the seams. 3) Use any opportunity to disarm the local populace to make them easier to control; check, enter the much publicized shootings where the gunmen are never to be blamed but the fact that guns are available. The left screaming at the top of their lungs to get rid of the Second Amendment at every opportunity. Even to the point of a recent article from Moms for Change (or some other bullshit monogram) stating that “Rape only lasts a few minutes but death lasts forever. You don’t need a gun”. 4) Use the countries laws against it; check, people pouring across the border, searching out ICE and Border Patrol Agents to give themselves up, thus remaining in the country. While here, they are housed, fed, cared for, given free medical and it costs them NOTHING, while draining resources that could be used on our own citizens. 5) Use terror and coercion to put down and dissent; check, just look at the people who are yelling that to either secure the border of enforce immigration laws is RACIST. From Geraldo Rivera screaming at other Fox News hosts about “Racism this and Racism that”, to that “reporter” standing up and interrupting a political event, shouting over others when he was not called upon. Also enter “Black Lives Matters” crowd. An organization reportedly started by a Caucasian male that has caused riots, advocated the murder of our Police men and women, interrupted political events even to the point of taking the microphone away from Presidential Candidates.

It all ties together and it is all happening NOW.

6) You use these tactics until you can push that country and it’s people to a tipping point. Maybe assist it a bit more with some well placed bombings to divide the sheep (those that will be easy for you to control and kill) from the lions (those that will fight back). Then turn the government against the lions to further neutralize anything they may be able to do and that Government will assist in it’s own destruction. Stripping Veterans of their Second Amendment rights? Making it illegal for people to follow their religious beliefs within the conduct of their own businesses? Bogging down Police Forces with useless and crushing investigations even as those same cops are being executed in our streets? Make it illegal for a person to defend themselves from being attacked? Sound familiar? It should. you can find stories about all of these being done on a daily basis.

This is where we are now people. Past the halfway point to loosing our Country!! The invasion started many years ago and is gaining speed. It is turning, due to non-enforcement of our laws, from a law enforcement issue to one of armed conflict. Open your eyes. See the light for what it is. Unless we stand now, we will surely fall later.


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