I’mmmmm Baccccckkkkk

Like a bad cold, or an itch that just will not go away I’m Bacccccckkkkkkkkkk. After a hiatus of close to 6 months, due to health issues, the death of my mother and a general feeling of Blaaaahhhhhhh, your Mad Veteran has decided to return to the blogosphere to make his voice heard (hopefully to more people this time }:{)> ) again.

There seems to be plenty to bring up and talk about, after all it is the “political season” (hell when isn’t it anymore), so yes, I will be diving into that subject. Dive? Actually more like “canon balling” off the high dive into the shallow end.

Internationally things have gotten nothing but worse since my last time on. ISIS is bigger than ever, we keep hearing about this one being killed, or that one being killed when what I want to hear is we bombed their stone-aged asses back to the stone age, and beyond.

Terrorism is hitting us right here at home, and say what you will about President George W. Bush but after 9-11 they didn’t get to us again here at home until he was gone.

Then you have the “BLACK LIVES MATTERS” crowd and people getting cursed and booed when they say “ALL LIVES MATTER” (and that was someone from the left who these loonies seem to adore) I want to say something right here and right now about this load of BULLSHIT. All lives do matter….when we are fighting at the behest of our Country, we are not fighting for the Caucasians, we are not fighting for the Asians, we are not fighting for the Latins nor the Reds nor the Blacks damn it, we are fighting for ALL AMERICANS!! The only lives in this country that do not seem to matter, according to the left, are the ones being taken everyday for being unfortunate enough to have been placed within a womb that should have remained BARREN.

There, I think I touched on enough areas here to piss some people off already, which is not my intent….ahhhh hell, who am I kidding, YES IT IS. If something I have said does piss you off then good. You have to ask yourself WHY? Make sure you do because if you fire off on me I will not only explain where I am coming from, but will expect the same from you. Deal? Deal.


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