Feeling betrayed!!

Morning rant time.

At no time in my adult life have I felt more betrayed than I have since the CRomnibus spending bill passed, and I am sure a whole lot of you are feeling the same. It is really hard to believe, and a little suspect as well, that I found myself on the same side of any issue as Pelosi and Warren (I’ve had nightmares since).

What is even more disturbing than the vote for the spending bill is the vote, by so many “so called” conservatives in the Senate, on the Unconstitutionality of the funding for Obama’s immigration orders. Only 22 of our Senators found that funding, what they call an unconstitutional overreach by the POTUS, is it self unconstitutional??? How can this be? If you know something is wrong then it is only common sense (something that is in real short supply in Washington) that it is also wrong to assist in the implementation of that very same policy by funding it, even short term!! Am I wrong here? If so I challenge anyone from  or  to tell me how it is. Anyone?

What they have done is pre-empt any chance we had in the new Congress at challenging the POTUS overreach on immigration by voting to say funding it was Constitutional!! The Senate Dems already have a site up listing who voted against the point-of-order!! They have handed the issue straight to the Liberals like Pelosi, Warren, and Reid without so much as a “pardon the hell out of me” to the majority of the American voters that gave them the last election. To the Dems in Congress I say “Congratulations, you played a masterful game of politics in this.” To the GOP members of Congress that voted for this all I can really say is “DUMB ASSES”!!!!!!

Now what to do about it? I am a firm believer that every storm has a rainbow. What can we, the real conservatives of this nation do about it? Here are some steps I am taking.

1) Contact any and all Recently Elected GOP members of Congress and DEMAND they vote for a true CONSERVATIVE for House Speaker and Senate Majority Leader when the new congress takes their seats. We can not survive another 2 years under Boehner and should not give Mitch McConnell a chance. He has proven with his vote he can not be trusted.

2) find the point of order and final vote tallies @ http://www.senate.gov/legislative/LIS/roll_call_lists/roll_call_vote_cfm.cfm?congress=113&session=2&vote=00353 (copy and paste, imbedded links are not working now) and asking the members of GOP who voted AGAINST the point of order but then turned around and did not vote for the bill!! You got it, according to the Official vote tally not one Senate Republican voted FOR the bill in the end.

3) Contacting all House GOP members and asking them to explain their vote for this bill as well. This can be found @ http://clerk.house.gov/evs/2014/roll563.xml .

4) Attempt to start right after the New year in finding someone to replace those that voted against us in this in the 2016 election. The time of “going along to get along” is over. It is time to take our country back!!


Don “MadVeteran” Day


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