PPACA, Concieved in Secret, Birthed in Deceit and Wrapped in Lies

The bill that came to be known as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) has been, and will be, debated to no end. My purpose here is not to debate it again, rather it is to put together the piecemeal information we have been given and shed some light on how this came into being. I will, whenever possible, give links to the sources of this information, but, as with any venture, some will be conclusions on my part, but conclusions that came about by looking at all the evidence.

Conceived in Secret:
Link 1: If you will remember, back in 2008 and 2009 there were rumors and complaints of closed door meetings on this subject. Meetings to which elected representatives from the GOP were neither invited, nor welcomed. These were the meetings to not only put together the language of the PPACA but to also discuss strategy on how to get, a bill passed that they knew would not be passed without some form of deceit. They learned that hard lesson with Hillary Clinton’s attempt at taking control of America’s health care system.
Enter Johnathan Gruber. As we now know, Mr. Gruber visited the White house a reported 21 times, and 19 of them can be verified by the going to White House visitor log. This shows that of those visits 3 times are listed as being in the Presidential Residence area and 5 other times in the West Wing where the Oval Office is located, with the rest being in various other offices. Even so, the POTUS denies Gruber’s involvement, saying he was a “low level advisor”. Wonder why? It’s coming, but for now ask yourself this question…Who did Gruber meet with in the Presidential Residence 3 times and in the West Wing (WW) 5 times? To me this suggests none other than the POTUS, as Gruber himself alluded to, as well as some very highly placed aides to the POTUS.
Link 2: Nancy Pelosi has denied knowing Gruber and Harry Reid has stayed pretty silent on the matter. There are several dates in the visitor’s log that places both Democrat Leaders (Pelosi & Reid) at the White House the same time as Gruber, which admittedly might be a coincidence. However, Gruber’s comments about “the lack of transparency” being “a huge political tool in getting this passed” is right on the money with what happened as soon as they figured out HOW to deceive the GOP and the rest of us “stupid” American voters that have a “lack of understanding of economics”.
His statements about the Individual mandate being a tax, as well as the tax on “Cadillac” plans were discussed and the decision to hide them made at the highest level. This set into motion the lies about it not being a tax or it is a tax on the Insurers. Now, even us “stupid American voters” know that once you tell a lie you have to keep telling more to cover that first one, and these people were EXPERTS at it. The planning continued and the bill, as well as the strategy to pass it came into focus.

Let’s not leave out the FACT that both the POTUS and then Speaker Pelosi quoted extensively from Gruber BY NAME.

Birthed in Deceit http://thomas.loc.gov/cgi-bin/query/z?c111:H.R.3590: Now is where the planning and deceit really comes into focus.
Deception #1: Make them think they are voting for something noble: In 2009 a bill was introduced into the House of Representatives as HR 3590 Service Members Home Ownership Tax Act of 2009 by Rep. Charles Rangel, no friend to the military. This simple 6 page bill, as it was written, was to aide Deployed Service Members during the Mortgage Meltdown. It sailed through the House with almost unanimous approval, and was then transmitted to the desk of Harry Reid (D) to be taken up by the Senate.
Harry Reid allowed HR 3590 to come to the floor of the Senate, without any changes to the original, and managed to get to the 60 vote threshold to cut off debate and prevent a filibuster. I must state again that NO CHANGES were made to the bill as written and passed in the House of representatives until after debate was cut off. The hook was set and Mr. Reid stuck to the plan that I believe hatched in all of those secret meetings BEFORE HR 3590 was authored. Was there debate on this bill? Yes, comments and debate on helping deployed Service members and their families keep there houses from being foreclosed on! That all changed on November 19, 2009.

Deception #2: Get past Cloture, cutting of debate, and then make changes.
Enter the biggest intentional deception I have ever witnessed. With debate cut off, Mr. Reid allowed ONE Amendment to the bill he received from the House, HR 3590. Once again, this can be witnessed at the Library of Congress in version 4 of the bill (PDF Downloadable). This ONE amendment contained the language to gut all provisions of the bill sent from the House, and read on the Senate floor before the closure vote, leaving only the header and the vote record from the House. Remember this little factoid, all revenue enhancing bills MUST originate in the House of Representatives, IAW that pesky little document called The Constitution of the United States.

In it’s place was inserted over 100 other amendments containing the language of the PPACA and morphing this simple 6 page bill for Deployed Service Members and their Families into a monstrosity of 2076 pages. It now became HR 3590 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. No matter how hard GOP Senators fought, how many amendments were offered or points of order asked for, Harry Reid had his bill, and on the back of DEPLOYED SERVICE MEMBERS AND THEIR FAMILIES. He then pushed through this farce on the “stupid” American voters and forced an up or down vote on Christmas Eve, 2009. Using that “lack of transparency” Gruber applauded as the way to get it passed, with a simple majority vote, controlling the majority in the Senate, and the public distracted for Christmas, they got what they wanted. In a grand act of deceit on America, the PPACA was being born.

Deception #3: Pass it to find out what is in it.
Of course, this “new and improved” version of HR 3590 had to be returned to the House of Representatives for another vote, due to the Senate amendment. Again Gruber’s “lack of transparency” became clear when Nancy Pelosi uttered her famous words in March of 2010, “You have to vote for it in order to see what is in it“! As the original version of the bill had been voted on and passed, Pelosi only needed a simple majority vote to approve the amended bill that came back from the Senate. Interestingly enough no word came from Rangel about how his bill was completed gutted. Why?

All complaints about the original bill being for Service Members and their families and this one doing nothing for them were pushed aside. Debate on the Senate Amendments was limited and a vote schedule. Once again, only needing a simple majority vote, controlling the majority and that lack of transparency that aided the old deceiver himself, Harry Reid, HR 3590, now renamed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010, was passed without a single GOP vote and sent to POTUS for his signature.

Jonathan Gruber’s later admissions shed light on the way in which this came into being. They shed light on the FACT that if it went on it’s own, in the light of day and no deceptions in it, “It would not pass”. Conspiracy? yes, but not on my part, nor on the GOP’s part. It is a conspiracy of EPIC PROPORTIONS on the part of the Leadership of the Democrat Party.

Wrapped in lies:
We have all heard them, from numerous members of the conspirators. “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor”. “If you like your current health care plan, you can it.” “This will save an average of $2500 per family on health care costs.”, “The PPACA was thoroughly debated before being passed”, and so on. Lies, every one of them. Lies based on what? I suggest, but can not prove, these lies were based, at least in part, on the flawed economic models put together by who? They were concocted to hide from the American people the consequences this would have on our health care system. Anyone know an economist, based at a prestigious university that might have done this? Maybe someone who admitted to suggesting deceptions be used to hid the tax increases in the bill?

I don’t really know, I am just a simple man, one of the “stupid American voters” that this deception was meant to fool. You make the call.

Don “Mad Veteran” Day.


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